• 06:00BOX N FIRM - Annette / 45 minutes
  • 09:10ABS & BUTTS - Anna / 50 minutes
  • 09:25CYCLE - Nick / 45 minutes
  • 10:00BODYFIRM - Anna / 60 minutes
  • 11:00PILATES - Lindsey / 60 minutes
  • 12.30Young @ Hearts - Deb / 45mins
  • 17:00BOOTY BARRE - Lindsey / 60 minutes
  • 18:00ABS & BUTTS & EXPRESS CYCLE - Christine/ Annette / 30 minutes
  • 18:30BODYFIRM - Christine / 60 minutes
  • 19:30ZUMBA - Barbara / 60 minutes
  • 06:00POWER CIRCUIT - Annette / 45 minutes
  • 9.00amRIP 30 - Anna / 30mins
  • 09:30BODYFIRM - Anna / 60 minutes
  • 09:30CYCLE - Deb / 60 minutes
  • 10:30ZUMBA - Claudio / 60 minutes
  • 11:30PILATES - Anna / 60 minutes
  • 16:30ABS & BUTTS - Lindsey / 60 minutes
  • 17:30BOOTY BARRE - Lindsey / 60 minutes
  • 18:30VINYASA YOGA - Kate / 60 minutes
  • 19:30POWER CIRCUIT - Anna / 60 minutes
  • 06:00CYCLE - Annette / 45 minutes
  • 09:00ABS & BUTTS - Lindsey / 30 minutes
  • 09:30BOX N FIRM - Anna / 60 minutes
  • 09:30CYCLE - Lindsey / 60 minutes
  • 10:30PILATES PROPS - Lindsey / 60 minutes
  • 11:30VINYASA YOGA - Alana / 60 minutes
  • 12.30pmYOUNG AT HEART (SENIORS) - Robbie / 45mins
  • 17:30BODYFIRM - Anna / 60 minutes
  • 18:30PILATES - Deb H / 60 minutes
  • 19:30BOX N FIRM - Anna / 45 minutes
  • 06:00POWER CIRCUIT - Annette / 45 minutes
  • 09:30PILATES - Anna / 60 minutes
  • 10:30BODYFIRM - Anna / 60 minutes
  • 11:45BOOTY BARRE - Lindsey / 60 minutes
  • 17:30PILATES - Deb / 60 minutes
  • 18:30ZUMBA - Jean / 60 minutes
  • 19:30BODYFIRM (NEW CLASS TIME) - Christine / 45 minutes
  • 06:00POWER CIRCUIT - Anna / 45 minutes
  • 09:15BODYFIRM - Annette / 60 minutes
  • 10:15ZUMBA - Susie / 60 minutes
  • 11:15VINYASA YOGA - Annette / 60 minutes
  • 12.30pmYOUNG @ HEARTS - Robbie / 45mins
  • 17:30VINYASA YOGA - Annette / 60 minutes
  • 06:00RAW - Annette / 60 minutes
  • 08.00amBOX N FIRM - Anna / 60 minutes
  • 08:00EXPRESS CYCLE - Mary / 30 minutes
  • 08:30CYCLE - Mary / 60 minutes
  • 09.00RIP 30 - Anna / 30mins
  • 09:30BODYFIRM - Jlenia / 60 minutes
  • 10:30YOGILATES - Grace / 60 minutes
  • 11:30ZUMBA - Barbara / 60 minutes
  • 15:45VINYASA YOGA - Alana / 60 minutes
  • 10:10CYCLE - Mary / 60 minutes
  • 10:30BODYFIRM - Felicia / 60 minutes
  • 11:30PILATES - Felicia / 60 minutes
  • 14:30VINYASA YOGA - Natalie / 60 minutes

MIND & BODY – Improve flexibility & core strength – De-stress through relaxation & breathing techniques – Improve body function & sleep – Strengthen, stretch & tone

Vinyasa Yoga
Linking breathing with movement, the poses of Vinyasa yoga will increase flexibility, suppleness, strength & wellbeing.

Japanese Yoga
Japanese yoga is a remedial system of healing, using repetitive movements. Traditional yoga poses are followed to increase energy flow which will assist in improving body function, flexibility, strength and overall health.

Yin Yoga
A series of long-held poses that mainly work the lower body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine.

Focused on postural alignment and activating the core muscles, Pilates will strengthen, tone and connect the body through breathing and movement.

Pilates Props
Using the same body conditioning methods as Pilates, you will use rings, bands and fitness balls to add strength and toning to your Pilates mat class.

CARDIO CLASSES - Burn fat – Increase fitness & energy levels - Lift mood - Improve sleep

Cycle – 50 Minutes
Cycle to fitting music that takes you on uphill adventures and flat road sprints. Cycle classes alternate between high & low intensity exercise, designed to burn excess body fat.

Express Cycle – 30 Minutes
This challenging power ride will increase your endurance, core strength and fitness levels leaving you feeling pumped.
For Wednesday 6am class only, book online at MY CRUNCH FITNESS 24 hours before.

Enjoy a Latin inspired, calorie burning dance class using energizing rhythms & fun beats. This class will make you forget that you’re even at the gym!

RAW (Runners And Walkers)
Enjoy a 60 min run or power walk while exploring different pockets of our beautiful city as the sun comes up. Runners clock-up approx. 10kms as they continually double-back to meet up with the Walkers, who will cover at least 6kms. There is no better way to start your weekend!
Saturday RAW map on Facebook each Thursday. Book online at MY CRUNCH FITNESS
24 hours before.

STRENGTH & TONING CLASSES – Improve bone density – Tone & Strengthen – Increase weight loss

Using a bar-bell & weights, this traditional strength training class matches movement to music. Be prepared to feel your body become leaner, stronger and more toned.

Abs & Butts
A low impact class focusing on the bottom, abdominals and thighs.

Booty Barre
This barre class uses the fluidity of ballet, Pilates methods for core work and yoga for flexibility. Enjoy a low impact class focusing on total body conditioning and strength.

STRENGTH & CARDIO The all in one classes that focus on it all!
Burn fat – Increase fitness & energy levels - Lift mood - Improve sleep - Improve bone density – Tone & strengthen

Power Circuit
An invigorating cardio and weight training class with challenging workout stations designed to condition and strengthen the whole body. A fun, interactive class that will burn calories!

Outdoor Training
Enjoy the great outdoors at 6am and take part in a functional, circuit style group training session designed to challenge and invigorate you physically and reward you mentally.

Box ‘n’ Firm
Tone and firm your whole body using boxing techniques with gloves & mitts. It’s simple to follow, fun and will fill you with endorphins!
Cotton inner gloves are compulsory and available for sale @ reception.

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Crunch provides a supervised child minding area so that mums can have their well-deserved and private time-out.

Feel refreshed knowing that you have done something for YOU while your kids are being cared for in a fun environment.

We cater for bubs, pre-schoolers and school-age children up to 10 years.



Our interactive treadmills can take you on runs from locations all around the world, you can watch your favourite TV shows, log into your Facebook, Twitter & My Fitness Pal accounts, all while getting fitter & stronger! We make being at the gym all about you and enjoying your time there.

Mix up your cardio exercise with rowing machines, cross-trainers, steppers & bikes.

Regular cardio exercise will burn fat, strengthen your heart & lungs, increase bone density, lift your mood, improve sleep & increase energy.


Crunch provides over 50 classes each week, all included in your membership. We know what women want and need to get results and our diverse range of classes deliver exactly that!

  • Variety
  • Motivational & knowledgeable instructors to help you get results
  • Fun group environment

Click here to view timetable

RIG (small group functional training sessions 30mins)

The latest addition to Crunch Female Fitness Centre!

To complement our extensive range of cardio and weights equipment, we have added our RIG functional training equipment. This area is designed to take your training to the next level so that you get results – fast!

  • Use the principles of functional movement patterns to improve your joint mobility & stability, strength and cardio fitness
  • Train on your own within this multi-functional and innovative area of Crunch OR utilise our team of Fitness Professionals to guide you
  • One-on-One or small group training sessions available

Learn about our  8 Week Functional + and Personal Training Options


As a member of Crunch, you will spend time with a qualified trainer and receive a personalised exercise program designed just for you. Weights are an essential part of every woman’s exercise routine to prevent loss of bone density, improve motor performance and decrease the risk of injury.

  • Safe & easy to use pin-loaded fixed weights
  • Extensive range of free weights to target more specific muscle groups
  • Increases bone density and weight loss
  • Great for toning, definition & strength


Group Cycle is a cardio class that uses the principles of ‘Interval Training’, alternating between periods of high & low intensity exercise. Your instructor will take you on uphill adventures and flat road sprints, while listening to tunes that match the intensity.

  • Regular cardio exercise will burn fat, strengthen your heart & lungs, increase bone density, improve moods, improve sleep & increase energy.
  • Interval training does not allow your body to get used to an exercise format, making your body work harder and speeding up your overall results