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Personal Training

Why see a personal trainer?

A personal trainer can help to tailor a plan whether your goal is weight loss, body shaping, muscle massing, power and strength, injury rehabilitation or improved fitness.  You can train more intensely achieving results in a program timeframe created for you.


Our trainers understand how to train women:

  • Set and achieve realistic training goals
  • Time efficient workouts
  • Stay motivated with creative sessions to sustain your interest
  • Nutrition tips & access to meal plans
  • Lifestyle management
  • Learn correct and new techniques

Learn how to push yourself, and discover what it feels like to work out in a new zone that you may have never reached on your own. Book your session through our GymMaster app.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiologists specialise in clinical exercise interventions for people with a broad range of health issues. Those people may be at risk of developing, or have existing, medical conditions and injuries. The aims of exercise physiology interventions are to prevent or manage acute, sub- acute or chronic disease or injury, and assist in restoring one’s optimal physical function, health or wellness. These interventions are exercise-based and include health and physical activity education, advice and support and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change.


There are a wide range of reasons why a person may benefit from consulting an accredited exercise physiologist. These include chronic disease management referrals after diagnosis of a range of conditions including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Metabolic disease
  • Neurological disease
  • Musculoskeletal disease (including arthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia, acute and/or chronic musculoskeletal issues)
  • Depression and other mental health conditions
  • Cancer

Group Functional Training

Functional training is a type of exercise that looks like movements you make in your daily life. It can be helpful for athletic performance, injury prevention and other everyday fitness tasks. Obviously, the ladies here are just having a bit of fun…but even this was a good core workout!

Check out our RIG classes on the Gym Timetable. It’s an interval training class that includes cardio, functional strength training and a lot of fun! Suitable for all fitness levels as modifications are given for each exercise.


Group Fitness + Live-Streamed Classes

  • 100+  Group Fitness classes to choose from per week + many Live-Streamed classes
  • A variety of diverse classes focused on MIND & BODY, STRENGTH & TONING, STRENGTH & CARDIO, FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH and CARDIO
  • Classes available for all fitness levels, from beginners to the more seasoned exerciser

Check out our Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers & Wellbeing Crew at Crunch

Joshua: Our Head Exercise Physiologist at Crunch

Accidents, diseases, hereditary conditions and pain all have a story. It’s my passion to unravel its origin and use my experience in conjunction with exercise to help heal people, restoring their function, strength, mobility & quality of life!


Training with me, will help you regain control, independence and confidence with your body. A diagnosis, injury, hereditary condition does NOT have to define you. You’re in control, let me help you realise that.


You may be entitled to 5 FREE exercise sessions with Josh if you have a chronic disability, either physical or mental. A referral from your GP is required and Josh takes care of everything else for you! You do not have to be a Crunch member to exercise in the gym with Josh.


Email us at for more info.


Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science

Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Brenda: Exercise Physiologist

I have a great passion for promoting movement to improve both your physical and mental health. My philosophy is that there is no “right way” to exercise and the best form of exercise for you,  is one that you will enjoy and will continue to do; whether it be weight lifting, yoga, circuit training or going for a run.

I have experience in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, chronic pain management, chronic disease management and neurological disease management. I also have a keen interest in women’s  health and I am committed to promoting exercise for women of any stage and of all ages!

I love learning how each individual person’s story shapes who they are today, and I always tailor my treatment to best suit the individual, not only for their condition, but for their interests and experiences.

In my own time I love weight lifting, boxing and going for long walks with my dogs!

You may be entitled to 5 FREE exercise sessions with Brenda if you have a chronic disability, either physical or mental. A referral from your GP is required and Brenda takes care of everything else for you! You do not have to be a Crunch member to exercise in the gym with Brenda.

Email us at for more info.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation)

Qualified Boxing Instructor (Beginner & Advanced)



I believe moving a little ‘most days’ will improve better health & quality of life.

Having consistency with good lifestyle choices creates motivation.

Good things take time so I will coach you in health, fitness, nutrition & lifestyle with a holistic, safe & realistic approach.


If you are looking for all round life coaching & management, my knowledge can help you reach your health & fitness goals.

Book a session today if you like my style & approach in helping you achieve your desired outcome.


I have been a Personal Trainer for 13 years and my passions and expertise include working with :  Pre/Post Natal , AdolescentsMature Clients & training to create core strength, stability & mobility for Injury Prevention.


Email us at for more info.




Cert 3 & 4 PT, Pre & Post Natal Strength & Conditioning,  TRX Training, Children & Adolescents Trainer,

Functional Training, Core Strength & Mobility

Cert 4 Nutrition (Sports Nutrition Advisor)



Jessica’s passion for Chiropractic commenced at an early age after experiencing a knee injury from playing netball. Jessica began regular treatment and rehabilitation with a Chiropractor for her injury and experienced the benefits firsthand.


Jessica is skilled in pregnancy and pediatric care (kids care); she enjoys helping her clients through all stages of their life. She assists mums-to-be through their pregnancy helping to reduce pain, improve bubs’ positioning and encouraging a quick post-natal recovery. Jessica also specialises in headaches, neck pain and jaw pain, completing further studies in understanding the effects of stress on the body as well as its influence on headache sufferers.


Jessica believes that health is more than just the physical condition and understands that outward manifestations of health are also influenced by emotional and chemical (nutrition, medication, supplements) factors.


Jessica enjoys travelling and keeps active by playing netball and she also enjoys skiing. Jessica can often be found at Crunch Female Fitness training with weights and running. She has a great appreciation for balance, strength and core stability.  Jessica is looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health goals and getting back to what you love doing.



Masters of Chiropractic (Macquarie University) | Musculoskeletal Acupuncture (dry needling) | Chiropractic Diversified Adjustments | Activator and Drop Piece Technique | Rehabilitation Exercises | Kinesiotaping | Active Release Techniques and Soft Tissue work | Pregnancy and Paediatric Care (kids care)


My approach is very holistic – to achieve the most out of your life you need to have a healthy and relaxed mind in order to maintain a fit and healthy body. And this includes having a good laugh along the way! As a more mature trainer I bring many life skills to my training sessions. I’m a good listener and have the ability to make people feel comfortable & understand what my clients want and need, making you feel more relaxed mentally & much more productive physically.


With me I can help you:

  • Train smarter without killing yourself or wasting time
  • Rebuild an injured body with specialised exercises
  • Lose weight by developing a lifestyle eating plan to complement your training
  • Take the stress out of your day to day


I have been working at Crunch since it opened 7 years ago. It’s very rewarding as a trainer to be able to motivate and show someone that they can achieve anything they want if they have the right trainer. I’m at the gym most days so please come over and say hello.



Certificate III & IV Fitness; Rehab Training; Aqua; Nutrition; Boxing; Group Training; Seniors Training


Shelley is a certified functional medicine health coach who is passionate about empowering women to more gracefully surf the waves of menopause. To see us all, happy and healthy in bodies we love, rather than rolled by the rough seas of hot flushes, brain fog, body changes and more.


Now proudly in menopause herself, Shelley knows how the uncharted perimenopausal flow can be destabilising, to say the least. Hormonal peaks and troughs can make our body feel like a stranger. Old strategies to get back on track no longer work as they did before. All this only adding to our stress levels, fragile emotions and fractured sleep.


That is why, having been where you are, Shelley seeks to shine a light forward. To help move you through this most natural, if a little tricky, stage of living. All with less stress and more joy.


By blending a positive psychology approach with the science of functional medicine and her own real-life tools, Shelley leads you to harness your strengths and find your best next steps.


Imagine it a little like this  


Starting with what is most important to you, your goals, your dreams. 

A vision, a plan, a supported way forward begins. 

Starting so small stress naturally reduces and capacity opens. 

Space to take baby steps forwards. Momentum gathers. 

Building on what works well, what comes most easily. 

You nibble away at progress, at change. 

Under unswerving positive regard, accountability is created.

Results are achieved, goals kicked.

Yes! It is possible!


If you are ready to find out more, please email Shelley to arrange a free discovery session soonest.


Biography in a nutshell

As a nomadic Australian, Shelley has lived in Aus just one third of her adult life. More than a decade exploring the world as an expat based in dusty Saudi Arabia, and the decade before that in the West Country of England as a Fly Navy wife. Now in Australia, she is settled firmly by the white sand beaches of Jervis Bay, South Coast, New South Wales.


Looking back, Shelley honestly reflects that most of her life highs also arrived with a hefty side serving of stress. Whether ultra-marathon acute, or military wife chronic, stress has been ever present.


Back in 2016, as the unpredictable wave of perimenopause arrived, Shelley joyfully certified as a functional medicine health coach. A timely addition of hormonal insight to pop in her eclectic support toolkit of positive, energetic, and simply sensible stuff.


Inspired to share this wellspring of life experience and learned science is where Shelley sits now – passionate to empower women like her to more gracefully surf the waves of menopause. To walk by your side and onto your own upward spiral of goodness. Yes!


All sessions with Shelley are virtual so you can connect from the comfort and support of your own personal space.



  • FMCHC – Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC)
  • Certificate in Mindful Self Compassion
  • Certificate in Diet and Nutrition
  • Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and Exercise for Anxiety and Depression
  • MINDD Coach (Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive and Developmental) & Forum attendee
  • Swim Teacher, Adults and Children (Austswim)
  • Cooking for Catering (City & Guilds)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (ACNT)

Shelley finds joy in bush runs, clear water, nuzzling her fur baby and spending time with the love of her life doing all the above!
0405 794 551