Christmas Is Around The Corner…

Barnardos Christmas Appeal – Thank you!



Since 2015 Barnardos has been Crunch’s charity of choice. In that time our membership drives and various fundraising efforts have raised over $11,000!
This money has helped to re-home three very vulnerable children here in Australia. This year for the Barnardos Christmas Appeal we were asked if we could focus our drive on gifts for newborns to 2 year olds, and children 12+ who often miss out on gift donations.
The staff at Crunch were blown away by the kindness and generosity of our members – the gifts just kept on coming! Hopefully a lot of you saw the display of them in reception; a collection of the most beautiful baby clothes, toys, make-up and beauty products, books and cuddly toys. We also raised over $450 in cash and gift vouchers.
The Barnardos team were so grateful when we dropped off the wonderful gifts and they asked us to pass on their sincere thanks. You have helped many children in need have a happier Christmas.Thanks again for your wonderful support!
We look forward to supporting Barnardos again in 2017! 
The Staff at Crunch.

Tips for a guilt-free Christmas

We all know the importance and benefits of keeping a healthy exercise routine.
However, often the best intentions are hard to maintain – particularly over the ‘silly’ season!
Here are some tips to keep in mind as you enjoy the season festivities:

  • Maintain similar sleep-wake times: Your circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle of biological activity and your sleep-wake cycle is a fundamental component in maintaining it. When it’s out of rhythm your body cannot perform optimally and things such as decreased metabolism, slower recovery from exercise and increased appetite can result. Try and stick to similar sleep and wake times over the holiday period.
  • Schedule exercise early on the weekend: By scheduling exercise, or booking a PT class, you are making a commitment to it. If you like things a bit easier why not take a 30-45 minute walk before breakfast on both days?
  • Plan activities in advance and involve the whole family: There is nothing better than getting a good workout whilst running around with the kids! Whether it’s a bike ride, a swim or a workout, try to do something active every day that you enjoy.
  • Seek healthier eating options when eating out: Look for cafes and restaurants that have healthy menus or dishes that loosely fit in with the kind of foods/portion sizes that you are normally eating. Sharing a dish is also a good option if serves look oversized.
  • Brush up on your cooking skills: Why not use the holidays as an opportunity to invite friends over and cook for them? Try out a healthy recipe and enjoy a relaxing night in with friends.

Tick off these daily goals – you’ll feel all the better for them!
1) Drink a min. of 2 litres of water per day
2) Walk a min. 10,000 steps per day
3) Drink a max. of 3 alcoholic beverages within a 2 day period
4) Exercise for at least 30 mins every day (or at least every second day)
5) Avoid picking on cheeses, dips and chips when socialising – look for healthy alternatives instead
6) Get to bed before midnight!

Keep these ideas and tips in mind and enjoy your Christmas holidays with family and friends!
Have fun Crunchettes!