5 Dedicated Areas

Our interactive treadmills can take you on runs from locations all around the world, you can watch your favourite TV shows, log into your Facebook, Twitter & My Fitness Pal accounts…all while getting fitter & stronger! We make being at the gym all about you and enjoying your time there.

Mix up your cardio exercise with rowing machines, cross-trainers, steppers & bikes.

Regular cardio exercise will burn fat, strengthen your heart & lungs, increase bone density, lift your mood, improve sleep & increase energy.

Crunch provides approx 63 CLASSES each week, 20 LIVE-STREAMED CLASSES, 25 RECORDED CLASSES TO DO AT THE GYM and a whole library of RECORDED CLASSES TO DO AT HOME! This is all included in your membership. We know what women love to do at the gym and what it takes to get results. Our diverse range of classes & instructors deliver exactly that!

  • Variety
  • Motivational & knowledgeable instructors to help you get results
  • Fun group environment

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The latest addition to Crunch Female Fitness Centre!

To complement our extensive range of cardio and weights equipment, we have added our Crunch Conditioning Corner with a versatile and functional training frame. This area is designed to take your training to the next level so that you get results – fast!

  • Use the principles of functional movement patterns to improve your joint mobility & stability, strength and cardio fitness
  • Train on your own within this multi-functional and innovative corner of Crunch OR utilise our team of Fitness Professionals to guide you
  • One-on-One or small group training sessions available

Link to Section 5 Crunch Conditioning 8 Week Challenge & Personal Training

As a member of Crunch, you will spend time with a qualified trainer and receive a personalized exercise program designed just for you. Weights are an essential part of every woman’s exercise routine to prevent loss of bone density, improve motor performance and decrease the risk of injury.

  • Safe & easy to use pin-loaded fixed weights
  • Extensive range of free weights to target more specific muscle groups
  • Increases bone density and weight loss
  • Great for toning, definition & strength

Group Cycle is a cardio class that uses the principles of ‘Interval Training’, alternating between periods of high & low intensity exercise. Your instructor will take you on uphill adventures and flat road sprints, whilst listening to tunes that match the intensity.

  • Regular cardio exercise will burn fat, strengthen your heart & lungs, increase bone density, improve moods, improve sleep & increase energy.
  • Interval training does not allow your body to get used to an exercise format, making your body work harder and speeding up your overall results